At Nightingale Cardiology, we specialise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing various heart and blood vessel-related conditions. We aim to provide quality, comprehensive, personalised, and compassionate cardiology care and services to patients. Our services include Cardiac Consultations to evaluate past medical history and perform examinations and tests on the heart, Pacemaker Clinic to treat slow heart rhythms, Electrocardiogram (ECG) to record the heart’s electrical activity, Echocardiogram to diagnose structural issues with the heart, and so forth. All cardiac services and testing are performed by our certified and licensed Adelaide Cardiology Doctors. We proudly serve both young and adult patients throughout Adelaide, South Australia, and surrounding communities.

Adelaide Cardiology Doctors

Our Certified & Licensed Cardiology Doctors in Adelaide

At Nightingale Cardiology, we only work with the best cardiology practitioners. Our cardiologists are nationally recognised and trained both in Australia and internationally. They are licensed, highly-qualified, certified, and well-experienced. Our experienced cardiologists are also fellows of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand and Royal Australasian College of Physicians. They include:

Dr Andrew Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton received professional training at the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is renowned for creating Nightingale’s cardiovascular prevention program. The program focuses on identifying atherosclerosis at the early stages when it can still be reversed. Dr. Hamilton specialises in cardiac imaging, early detection of valvular heart disease, prevention and reversal of coronary artery disease. Also, he is the director of Nightingale Research.

Dr Cuong Nguyen

Dr Cuong Nguyen graduated from the University of Adelaide, and received professional training at Queen Elizabeth and Lyell McEwin Hospitals, South Australia, Launceston General and Royal Hobart Hospitals in Tasmania. Dr Nguyen performs percutaneous coronary intervention and coronary angiography at our Calvary Adelaide Hospital. His clinical interests include ischaemic heart disease, general adult cardiology, and coronary intervention. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. He speaks English and Vietnamese fluently.

Dr Cameron Singleton

Dr Cameron Singleton graduated from the University of Adelaide, and received professional training at the University of Adelaide and St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. He specialises in cardiac electrophysiology procedures, diagnostic electrophysiology studies, and pacemakers, just too mention a few. He is a staff specialist at Flinders Medical Centre and receives patients at Calvary Adelaide Hospital.  

Above all, our Adelaide cardiology doctors are very friendly, kind, and compassionate. No matter the issue with your heart, our specialists will do everything within their capabilities to help you. Call us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation. A wonderful experience awaits you.