Research/Clinical Trials

Nightingale Research is one of Australia’s largest private cardiovascular clinical trials organisations.

Nightingale research performs phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials of medications and treatments not yet approved by the TGA or PBS.

Our research Nurses and Nurse Practitioners at Nightingale have a combined experience of over 50 years in clinical trials.

Nurse Hazel Morrison, Nightingale Cardiology

Hazel Morrison

Research nurse Marilyn Dolman, Nightingale Cardiology

Marilyn Dolman

Research nurse Claire Kidd, Nightingale Cardiology

Claire Kidd

Research nurse Eileen Scott, Nightingale Cardiology

Eileen Scott

Research nurse Tanya Patching, Nightingale Cardiology

Tanya Patching

Research nurse Jane Collins, Nightingale Cardiology

Jane Collins

The clinical trials performed at Nightingale Research enable patients to access early and cutting-edge treatments not yet available to the general population. Patients participating in clinical trials will receive a high level of oversight akin to concierge medicine and through your participation you help to bring new effective therapies to our community.

Our Research team are currently recruiting patients for the following trials: