Implantable Device Checks (Pacemakers)

Pacemaker, loop recorder and defibrillator checks and remote monitoring.

Pacemaker, loop recorder and defibrillators require regular 6 -12 month reviews and checking after they are inserted. These devices have complex settings, that when optimised can deliver superior treatment.

Your cardiologist is also able to monitor many of the new devices remotely in your home and so detect abnormalities outside of your usual device check visit schedule.


For remote monitoring you will be given a device to plug in and set up next to your bedside.

For pacemaker, loop recorder and defibrillator checks in the clinic no preparation is required.

How is it done?

Pacemaker, loop recorder and defibrillator checks are performed in the clinic. You will be asked to expose the site of the pacemaker by removing or unbuttoning your shirt. A pacemaker checking magnet is placed over your device by your cardiologist or device technician.

The information from the device is uploaded for review. A report is generated that your cardiologist is able to interpret. The settings of the device are then optimised according to your cardiologist's instructions.


15 minutes.